Coruson: Basic Courses

Coruson - Audits Module - Basic

  • In this course, we explain the Auditing process in Coruson, how to use the Audit register, and the different fields and sections found in an Audit record.
  • This course should take approximately 23 minutes to complete.
  • Click anywhere to progress through the course. You MUST pass both the "try it" and quiz to complete the course.
  • This course is available to ALL Academy customers. 
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Course content

    • Introduction to Auditing in Coruson
    • Using the Audit Register to find Audits
    • Viewing an Audit's Details
    • Try it - Audit Module - Basic Scenario
    • Quiz - Audit Module - Basic Course
    • Coruson Audit Module - Basic - Course Feedback
    • Audits Module - Professional Course Information